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Tel.: (+420) 573 368 336
GSM:(+420) 602 361 487
Fax: (+420) 573 368 300

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About us:

Our firm was founded by Antonin Gazda in 1995 with the idea to offer Czech motorists high-quality replacement parts at reasonable prices. Because he had been involved in car electrical systems for most of his life, he wanted to pass on and also benefit from his experience during our joint business.

Our partners gradually became:
  • In 1995 Iskra Avtoelektrika - an important Slovenian manufacturer of alternators, starters, DC motors and replacement parts
  • In 1996 AET - an important Slovenian manufacturer of glow plugs, solenoids, relays, ignition and technical ceramics
Our line of products could be of interest to dealers of replacement parts as well as services and operators of the below listed systems and equipment.

We can deliver your orders or send them by Czech Post.

Our enduring objective is your satisfaction.

What we offer:
  • A wide assortment of DC motors in specifications 0.15 - 8.5 kW, 12V - 80V designed mostly for electro-hydraulic systems and traction applications in logistics and materials handling equipment.
  • Our assortment of alternators in specifications 14.28V 40 - 350A and starters in specifications 12.24V 0.9 - 6.6kW is mostly used by manufacturers of tractors, agricultural and construction machinery, commercial vehicles and automobiles.
  • A Diesel programme which primarily includes flame glow plugs in specifications 30-3s, flame heater plugs (so called thermostarts), glow plugs specially designed for auxiliary heaters, stop solenoids and relay heaters.

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