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28.07.2006 - Iskra Avtoelektrika signed a EUR 120 million contract with Deutz AG from Germany
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Iskra Avtoelektrika Group has signed a five-year contract with Deutz from Germany to sell starter motors and alternators. The contract by which we are increasing our market share of auto electrical products in Europe and in the world is worth EUR 120 million. Iskra Avtoelektrika has been supplying Deutz for many years. Currently we supply Deutz with alternators, for which we received a “Supplier of the Year” award for our quality and delivery services.

Deutz has been a well-known name in diesel engines industry for more than 140 years. Today it employs more than 5,600 people and sells in 130 countries all over the world. With the volume of sales that exceeds EUR 1.5 billion or 200,000 diesel engines it represents one of the leading manufacturer. Deutz as well as Iskra Avtoelektrika have a clear vision. Both companies emphasize and implement innovation and quality. Focus on the customer results also in market success.

Yesterday, a new contract was signed. Its total value reaches EUR 120 million. The new contract is actually an upgrade of the old contract for alternators, which was signed in 2001. There is now an annex for supply of starter motors, too. This new contract is increasing our market share and strengthening our business position among the leading world-class manufacturers of starter motors and alternators for diesel engines.

18.07.2006 - Iskra Avtoelektrika Group richer for another JV abroad
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The JV company PRAMO – ISKRA in Russia was registered in May 2006. The company of which 50% is owned by Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d. will have its production premises located in Ržev, 220 km northwest from Moscow. The company will manufacture AZD and AZE starters for the needs of the Russian manufacturers of passenger vehicles. The production of which capacity will be 250,000 pcs per year is expected to launch in September 2006.

12.06.2006 - A Powerful Partnership for Future Success
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Wilson Auto Electric Limited and Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d. are very pleased to announce that they will partner in a relationship for the European market. This is a very exciting venture whereby both companies compliment each other and will strengthen their service and product lines to better serve the European market. Effective March 1, 2006 Iskra will warehouse and distribute Wilson product to the European market.
The commitment to offer Quality Products and Quality Service to European Customers has always been and always will be both companies highest priority. Wilson Auto Electric Limited is North American manufacturer and re-manufacturer of alternators, starters and electrical component parts for the automotive, agricultural, industrial, heavy duty truck, and marine aftermarkets.

15.03.2006 - John Deere rewarded us again
ISKRA Reference
American-based global corporation John Deere, world's leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment, has again awarded Iskra Avtoelektrika a "Partner-Level" Award for Excellence for supplies in 2005.

We received this award for the third time as a supplier of starters and alternators based on the John Deere supplier assessment system evaluating the product quality, delivery, technical support, improvements and communications. This award is a very important reference for Iskra Avtoelektrika and is a sign that we are on the right route towards achieving quality of products and after sales services.

19.01.2006 - Kamaz wins Dakar 2006
ISKRA Reference
The Dakar 2006 winner in truck category is Russian Team with the truck Kamaz, which is equipped with Iskra Avtoelektrika's starter and alternator. Congratulations!

23.05.2005 - Received award "Supplier of the Year 2004" from Deutz AG
ISKRA Reference
Our customer, German manufacturer of diesel engines Deutz AG, gave us the award "Supplier of the Year 2004" on their supplier-day ceremony, which was held on May 19th 2005. This award was to promote our extraordinary achievements on the common project regarding alternators. The highest award was also given to two other suppliers. There is a written thanks on the award and also a wish to maintain this level of quality and business excellence in the future.

05.05.2005 - Iskra Avtoelektrika's alternators in Maybach cars
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Maybach cars produced by German DaimlerChrysler are luxurious limousines in the highest price range. Their price on the market reaches to EUR 400,000. Maybach is distinguished by its top equipment and best technology as there are top quality products integrated into these vehicles. In Iskra Avtoelektrika we are starting to produce the alternators for Maybach.

This is a liquid cooled alternator that reaches 4.9 kW of output power and weighs 21 kg. It was developed in 2002 by the American company Delphi in its Technical Centre in Luxemburg, where the serial production took place until now. The primal role of the Technical centre is mostly R&D, so Delphi decided to find a new competent manufacturer. The nature of this product's manufacture differs from serial production. That is why Delphi did not implement it into production processes of its own companies.

After the audits at many interested manufacturers, Iskra Avtoelektrika was chosen as the most competent supplier. In this way we acquired a new product, including technical documentation, the rights to exploit the patents, new market and also new important customer. We also acquired an important device used for alternator testing, which will be situated in our R&D Department and will be used for testing of all other existing and new types of generators. The regular production is planned for the middle of the year 2005.

Here you can download the latest applications in pdf format. In order to open them you need Adobe Acrobat Reader

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