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Diesel programme
AET Products .
Production programe now includes:
Heater plug
is the main constituent part of the cold starting unit for diesel engines, exercises its basic function, it heats a definite quantity of air in the shortest possible time or ignites the fuel directly, just before the starting of the engine or the generaling set.
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Special heater plugs
AET Products .

The basic function of the special heater plugs is to heat up the air in the suction pipe during diesel engine cold starting. These special heater plugs heat up the intake air by a hot filament surface. They also allow post-heating, which results in better combustion, minimum pollutants and quieter engine running.


  • Power range from 300W to 700W
  • Single or two pole special heater plugs
  • Allowing post-heating
  • Commonly mounted in system with power relay and control unit.

The power relay performs the function of safe switching for powerful elements. It assures safe activity and current circuit protection. Maximum current is 200A in the 12V version.

The special heater plugs can be used for post-heating in connection with the control unit. The control unit regulates the pre-heating and the post-heating time according to the ambient temperature. Its basic functions are also over-voltage protection and short circuit protection.

Glow plugs
AET Products .
The system for diesel cold starting comprises a flame glow plug, a magnetic solenoid valve and a series resistor. The control unit replaces the series resistor in system with a newer generation of flame glow plugs.
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Products for suction air preheating - heater plugs
AET Products .
AET Tolmin produces a wide range of suction air preheating products for diesel cold starting. These products are inserted into the engine suction pipe and their basic function is to heat a specific quantity of suction air during diesel engine cold starting.

One or two flame heater plugs are inserted into the engine suction pipe, and during diesel cold starting, the flame heater plugs heat part of the suction air with a flame.
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Products for preheating in the (pre-) chamber
AET Products .
The glow plug is inserted into the engine in such a way that the glow projects into either the pre-chamber or directly into the chamber, where the inflammation of fuel particles takes place on the heated surface.
AET Tolmin manufactures these products according to the pre-heating time during which the glow plug reaches the temperatures between 850°C and 1000°C:

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Grid heaters
AET Products .
The function of the grid heaters is to heat the intake air during diesel cold starting of some engines. It serves the same purpose as the glow plugs, but its shape and installation type are different. It is normally built into bigger engines, and heats up the suction air with a hot grid surface.
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Control units
AET Products .
  • Regulate preheating and postheating glow plug time according to ambient temperature
  • Features:
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Sensor for ambient temperature
Technical data

AET Products .
The stop solenoids (shut off-on): their basic function is to open the fuel-rate. The stop solenoids are built into the diesel engine rotary pumps at a low-pressure part, and operate while the engine runs. In the moment of the deactivation of the stop solenoid, the diesel engine stops.
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Magnetic solenoid valves
AET Products .
  • Incorporated in the fuel inlet for the flame glow plug
  • Powered via contact series resistor or directly via the starting switch
  • Characteristics adopted for the unit specific requirements

Technical data

Here you can download the latest applications in pdf format. In order to open them you need Adobe Acrobat Reader

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