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Diesel programme
Production programe now includes:
Heater plug
is the main constituent part of the cold starting unit for diesel engines, exercises its basic function, it heats a definite quantity of air in the shortest possible time or ignites the fuel directly, just before the starting of the engine or the generaling set.

Heater - plugs may be divided according to their functional suitability, so we distingush:
  1. flame heater plugs with dilatation valve are installated into the direct injection type engines. One to two plugs are usually inserted in the suction pipe of the engine, which at cold starting heat of suction air with a flame.
  2. heater plugs with a heater adapter (glow plug, tube heater), which could be divided into following groups: 60 sec glow plugs, 40 sec g.p. 20 sec g.p. 6 sec g.p. 5 sec g.p. (sec - time for reaching 850 degrees Celsius or 950 degrees Celsius - depends on customers' requirements).

This type of heater-plugs is inserted in the engine so that the glow reaches into the prechamber, where the inflammation of fuel particles on the heated surface takes place. The fluel is sure to inflame at the glow temperature of 850 degrees Celsius (950 degrees Celsius).

Magnetic valve
is the main constituent part used for inlet of fuel on injection pump. The function of such valve is to switch on/off a stream of fuel.

Series resistors
are auxiliary constituent parts of cold starting unit. In circuits with conventional heater - plugs they compensate voltage drops.

Magnetic solenoid valve
is incorporated in the fuel inlet for the flame heater - plug. It is powered via contact series resistor or directly via starting swich, depending upon the unit incorporated in the engine and vechicle, respectively.

designed for heater units. These heater units are primarily used for heating the interior of various vechicles, buses etc., and in certain vehicles also for engine of preheating at low temperatures before starting. The function of thermostats is to provide automatic and secure operation of heater unit.

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