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Glow plugs
The system for diesel cold starting comprises a flame glow plug, a magnetic solenoid valve and a series resistor. The control unit replaces the series resistor in system with a newer generation of flame glow plugs. The flame glow plugs heat part of the suction air with a flame to enable a reliable cold starting. A nozzle or a dilatation valve adjusts the fuel flow through the plug. The glow body is suitably dimensioned to assure sufficient combustion capacity. The fuel ignites on the glow element, which is protected with a special shield against direct suction air shocks. During the starting, this protective shield preserves a relatively weak flame at a high airflow in the suction tube.

The magnetic solenoid valve is incorporated into the fuel inlet for the flame glow plug. Depending on the unit incorporated into the engine and on the vehicle, the magnetic solenoid valve is powered by the contact series resistor or directly by the starting switch. Its characteristics are adapted for the specific unit requirements.

The series resistors are auxiliary consistent parts of diesel engines. In circuits with the conventional heater plugs they compensate the voltage drops.

Together with the flame glow plugs, the series resistors with bimetal contacts are used to perform the function of the time switch: when the glow element reaches the temperature sufficient for ignition, the magnetic solenoid valve for fuel inlet into the plug is automatically switched on by the bimetallic contact.
  • The plug is inserted in the engine so that the glow projects into the (pre)chamber where the inflammation of fuel particles on the heated surface takes place.
  • The glow plug reaches the glow temperature of 850°C in 3-20 seconds (according to plug type)
  • Control units for glow plugs are also produced within the programme
Technical data

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