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Products for preheating in the (pre-) chamber
The glow plug is inserted into the engine in such a way that the glow projects into either the pre-chamber or directly into the chamber, where the inflammation of fuel particles takes place on the heated surface.
AET Tolmin manufactures these products according to the pre-heating time during which the glow plug reaches the temperatures between 850°C and 1000°C:

Super rapid glow plugs: 3 seconds
Rapid glow plugs: 7-10 seconds
Glow plugs for standard applications: 20 seconds
The super rapid glow plugs and the rapid glow plugs are modern two-coil glow plugs that enable a quick and reliable diesel engine cold starting. They consist of a heating coil and an additional regulating coil, which ensures plug-overheating protection. The two-coil glow plugs are designed to perform pre-heating and post-heating functions. The glow plug continues to heat also after starting the engine, which contributes to pollutants reduction and engine efficiency improvement.

The glow plugs for standard applications are made in one-coil technology, and fit into older vehicles. These glow plugs reach the glow temperature of 850°C in 20 seconds and do not have the possibility to post-heat. The glow plugs for standard applications are used as replacement parts in older vehicles.

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