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BLPM - Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors
Brushless permanent magnet motors from Iskra Avtoelektrika combine high performance and high reliability with a simple and therefore the best price-performance motor design. The motors offer high efficiency over a wide speed range and high torque at low speeds.

The motor construction with no commutator and brushes, no slots and windings on the rotor provides very low acoustic noise and torque-ripple.

With the addition of an efficient electronic controller already incorporated in the motor construction, the motor and electronics represent a single compact drive unit, and this type of motor becomes acceptable for many applications.

Our Product Range

Type AMG
»Technical characteristics
Voltage:24 V, 36 V, 48 V, 80 V, 110 V
Power:0.15 kW - 1.1 kW
Yoke Diameter:106 mm
Application:Fan, Pump drive, Traction, Electric and Hydraulic Power Steering

Type AMK
»Technical characteristics
Voltage:24 V, 48 V, 80 V
Power:1.0 kW - 3.0 kW
Yoke Diameter:125 mm
Application:Pump drive, Airconditioning compressor drive

Type AML
»Technical characteristics
Voltage:24 V, 80 V
Power:2.0 kW - 2.2 kW
Yoke Diameter:150 mm
Application:Pump drive, Traction

Main features of Iskra BLPM - Brushless premanent magnet motors:
  • High efficiency in wide range of loads.
  • Bi-directional drive.
  • Speed regulation by means of PWM or analogue signal input.
  • Adjustable soft start option.
  • Current limitation.
  • Constant speed control by means of an internal loop regulation.
  • Intelligent motion by incorporated programmable microcontroller.
  • Temperature protection.

For more information about our products please contact us.

Iskra Drive Systems - Full Catalogue
To view the whole product range of our electric motors and electronic controllers, please download the pdf document.
Drive_systems.pdf (567 KB)

Here you can download the latest applications in pdf format. In order to open them you need Adobe Acrobat Reader

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